Coldwater Canyon

Coldwater Canyon is really two very different 9 hole courses that play well together. The front 9 is heavily wooded and characterized by rolling terrain, tight fairways and small greens. The front 9 plays very short, but, can be very challenging as it is target golf. The back 9 opens up drastically with wide fairways and large greens. A welcome relief from the course management needed on the font 9.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #1
Hole #1 offers a pleasant start to the round. Bordered by pines on the right, open to the left and a valley to traverse in order to get to the green. Looks simple enough, but, easy to get caught up in the woods.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #1 Green
The green for #1 is a good illustration of the how the new meets the old at Coldwater Canyon. The green is very small (the old), but is protected on the back side by moguls and tall grass (the new).
Coldwater Canyon Hole #3
Hole #3 is a favorite because of it's rolling fairway, but requires some very careful course management to make it to the green in regulation. Too much power off the tee will easily put you easily out of bounds if you are a little to the left and just about every shot will roll right.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #3 As you can see from the yardage marker, this hole is much shorter than it looks. The safe shot is a solid iron that has some bite to limit roll down the slope to the right. A ball could easily get buried under the pines and you will have to burn a stroke punching out. Once again, the green is small, so, your follow shot will have to be accurate. Once again, it's all about course management on the front 9.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #5
Hole #5 is another favorite. This is a view looking back at the fairway from the green. This is one of the toughest approaches and greens on the entire course which requires that you carry a ravine and land on the green or just short. Anything else will probably result in a donated ball.
Coldwater Canyon Tight Fairway
One of the tight fairways you will encounter on the front.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #7
On #7 the course starts to open up a little bit allowing full use of your driver, but, you still need to use caution especially if you have a tendency to slice.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #11
After all of that target golf, the openness of the back 9 is a welcome relief. However, now the moguls come into play with tall grass. A different challenge for a stray shot that is a little more forgiving than a forest.
Coldwater Canyon Open Fairway
One of the wide open fairways on the back 9.
Coldwater Canyon Large Green
One of the greens on the back 9.
Coldwater Canyon Hole #18
Finally the 18th hole. This is the hole I love to hate. Very open and very inviting, but, a miss to either side results in a lie firmly wedged in the tall grass or mired in one of the plentiful bunkers lining the fairway.
So, that's a little sample of a round at Coldwater Canyon. At a slope of 113, it's a great course that works for all skill levels, however, I think the course plays harder than 113 for most golfers. This is also one of the best golf values in the Dells. If you really want to save some cash, shoot mid-week twilight or off season and, as with any course, I suggest trying a little negotiation on the rate.